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Lilly Abreu teaching in college classroom


Lilly Abreu has taught Portuguese at the University of Pittsburgh for over a decade, collaborating with several schools including the Katz Business School, International Business Center, Swanson School of Engineering, College of Business Administration and Hispanic Languages and Literatures, teaching and coaching Brazilian Portuguese language and culture to students, faculty and staff.


Ms. Abreu has successfully created, designed, implemented and directed a language research program in collaboration with the Center for Latin America Studies; this program resulted in the implementation of Portuguese language instruction in Pittsburgh Public Schools.


As a Voice teacher, Ms. Abreu was recently recognized at the Andy Awards ceremony at Carnegie Mellon University for celebrating 20 years as a faculty at that institution.

Ms. Abreu is also a faculty member at the Woodlands' Notes from the Heart, a music camp for children and adults with disabilities and chronic illness since 1999. 


Ms. Abreu has taught music at Point Park University, Chatham University, CLO Academy, Ellis School, and she is in demand as Voice teacher at her private studio.  

My Story

I was born in Portland, Maine, lived in Pittsburgh, PA as a toddler, and moved back to Brazil with my family when I was 4. Raised in Brazil, I attended school for Voice, Languages, and Music Education.  Some of the highlights in Rio de Janeiro are performances with the Opera Brasil chorus, Trio Renascentista  (lute, gamba, voice), Brasil Barroco choir and orchestra (soprano soloist), Maite-Tchu vocal quintet, Nos Tempos da Opereta musical. I dubbed for Disney in Portuguese, I sang backing vocals for popular artists, I recorded for TV shows like TV Pirata at Globo TV, and I was active at my private studio teaching Voice. In 1993, I moved back to Pittsburgh to pursue a Masters in Voice at Carnegie Mellon University.

Collage of Lilly Abreu teaching music

Teaching Voice and Portuguese, combined with coaching and training, has brought me immense joy and fulfillment. The ability to guide and inspire Portuguese students in their linguistic journey, while also helping  Voice students develop their unique vocal identities, is a privilege like no other.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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